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Dymoon, China or Q is what I am known by.  a dedicated Taoist, I live my life a day at a time, moment by moment, trusting in the Universe to guide me in all I do.  I am with the church of Perfect Liberty (founded in Japan) whose first precept is # Life is Art.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A prayerful mind

There are days when no matter what you do, by mid day, you feel like this.
Time for a >PL break<
Find a quiet spot, and take a moment to close your eyes and with a smile on your face, take a slow deep breath in, smile some more and slowly let it go.
You might have to work a tad to get that smile in place, but you can do it.
I know you can. =^_^=
Ahhhh with the smile, your shoulders will relax, let the smile broaden, then take another slow lazy breath.  1,2,3, you're ready to go.

Get back into your vehicle and ride back into your day.
You are refreshed and ready to play.
When next you feel the turbulence start to roar, and you want to once
again maintain control, remember

God Resides in a Prayerful Mind.  Touch your heart and smile. A peaceful state of mind, will get you anywhere, anytime and in anyplace.

In PL (Perfect Liberty) you are never alone.  I hope you will enjoy my journey with and in Perfect Liberty, follow this blog for notification of future blogs.

Blessings Q
note I am not always on this blog you can find me daily http://dymoonblog.com

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