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Dymoon, China or Q is what I am known by.  a dedicated Taoist, I live my life a day at a time, moment by moment, trusting in the Universe to guide me in all I do.  I am with the church of Perfect Liberty (founded in Japan) whose first precept is # Life is Art.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Perfect Liberty with Q: Happiness

Perfect Liberty with Q: Happiness: In my main blog today http://dymoonblog.com  I talk of Happiness, I know my favourite moments are usually those filled with a lot of "H...


In my main blog today http://dymoonblog.com  I talk of Happiness, I know my favourite moments are usually those filled with a lot of "Happy". I won't "chew my cabbage twice" meaning I won't go over what I said in my other blog, you can read that for yourselves.  What I want to talk about is Happiness itself. I can be having a real heart breaking cry, my emotions shattered to the point of a heart wrenching cry, and be happy.  Yes happy.  Being Happy is a state of mind.  If for days I've felt uneasy, and not known why, you know the days you walk around feeling that maybe you are coming down with a cold or flu. Everything just seems to be "off balance"
You don't know if you should ride your bike, fly the plane, walk or take a bus. I can tell you with certainty that such days for me are a telling sign that I need a good cry.  I may have no idea why, but my instinct tells me, something is bothering me, and all the cogitation, meditation, and fussing is not clearing the lens for me.
I take to the road... I follow my nose, I just let myself head for the unknown, and allow God/TAO  guide me.  I "let go"... (letting go, is having faith, and trusting that the Universe will look out for you) Once I embark on this journey, step outside of my comfort zone, new vistas, jog old tightly packed boxes apart, shift them around, I feel the change, and emotions let loose, they fly out the window or off my shoulders and I feel refreshed... The tears may be falling, but it is joy, happiness I feel.

....  Happiness is of our own making...
=^_^=                  ... God Bless ...     Oyashikiri

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good Evening everyone.....

Tonight I considered two different paths...  I do this, evening meditations are when I like to follow the path of least resistance.  The day is coming to an end, and I have more time to wander the hallways of my mind.  It didn't take much coaxing, I want picture #2.  The one above seems to be a little too adventurous, I want instead to take my time and explore each nook and cranny I may discover along my journey.  Smiles..sigh... care to join me in this relaxing quest.
You can, its easy.... sit quietly and enjoy the overall picture the photographer presents us with.  Close your eyes for a few moments.. be aware of your breathing, let it come and go with ease.  Take your time, we are not going anywhere.  Feel the tension in your shoulders start to evaporate as you recall the welcoming path into the inner forest.  You can hear the singing of the birds, and feel the warmth of the sunshine.... ahhhh.. slowly open your eyes and follow the gentle curves of the shadows along the walk way... it is safe, it is comforting.. let yourself go... enjoy the moment..let a smile play on your lips.. really... smile..  ahhhh sigh of contentment can't be supressed.

Blessings on this star filled night...  Oyashikiri