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Dymoon, China or Q is what I am known by.  a dedicated Taoist, I live my life a day at a time, moment by moment, trusting in the Universe to guide me in all I do.  I am with the church of Perfect Liberty (founded in Japan) whose first precept is # Life is Art.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Life is Art

Life is full of wonderful and amazing delights.  Some pass through our lives quickly, others stay around for awhile.   Enjoy life for all it has to offer.

I changed my profile picture the other day on my regular blog. Prior to the change I showed the church building.  The church is now shown on the right hand side of the blog, and a link is there to connect anyone who is interested directly to the actual church posts that i do.

The philosophy of Perfect Liberty is in all I do. Pl Precept # 11, Always be with God, that is a constant, since I am free to acknowledge and live this way, I am just a happier person.  No more, no less.

Life is full.  I wish for all of you who drop in, the very same, happiness, joy, best of health, know you are always loved and appreciated.

Have a good day.

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